what our foster carers say

What Our Foster Carers Say

I’ve had children from age 14 stay with me and they’ve left at 18 to move onto independence. The difference that I’ve seen from the first day they came to me to when they’ve left is absolutely amazing. It gives you that thrill to know you’ve helped them in some way.

Noviene, fosters unaccompanied asylum seeking children

I value the support and advice given by other Foster Carers and my fostering agency

Lorraine, who has been a New Routes Foster Carer for 17 years

The rewards of supporting children are immense and provides them with the foundation to building a good life. We couldn’t recommend fostering enough, it’s the best thing we ever did. The only regret we have is not doing it earlier.

Lewis and Sam, fostering since 2017

We started going through the training and assessment for fostering during the pandemic. Initially the training and meetings were all done via the internet. It was really nice when our allocated Social Worker could visit our house. She listened to us talk about ourselves, our childhoods, jobs and interests. I actually enjoyed these sessions, and it was also sometimes thought provoking when we considered what it would be like having a foster child in our home, and how we would deal with certain situations.

We have also had the opportunity to take part in many different training courses which I hope will prove to be very useful when a child comes to live with us.

Linda, newly approved Foster Carer 2022

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